Corporate Secretarial Services

A Corporate Secretary can help you to navigate the distinct laws, regulations, and administrative procedures that apply in each jurisdiction. Cross-border businesses and transactions frequently become lost in a web of local company legislation and rules that govern the formation, administration, and management of lawful entities.

corporate secretarial services Singapore

At CTA Accounting Services in Singapore, we assist our clients to comply effectively with the requirements of the Companies Act and relevant legislation through our corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

The Corporate Secretary is a vital position in any organization. The role within the company structure helps to establish a company’s compliance with all standard financial requirements, as defined by the jurisdiction and laws where the company is incorporated. The Corporate Secretary monitors financials and maintains legal compliance, which includes making sure the correct procedures are followed to mitigate a company’s financial risk through compliance set forth by these regulations.

To remain compliant with local regulations, you must know the risks of non-compliance, such as the potentially steep consequences for both organisations and individuals. It is critical to understand that your entities, no matter where they are located across the world, are in good standing, that company decisions are correctly carried out, and that required adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently.

CTA’s comprehensive corporate secretarial services transforms the confusion into simple, transparent, controlled compliance in Singapore and across any number of other jurisdictions. Apart from company creation, branch registration, company licenses and Companies Act compliance, our scope as corporate secretaries may include services such as attendance at board and shareholder meetings, the preparation of minutes and distribution, and resolution drafts.

As company secretary, CTA will take responsibility for all of your company’s official documentation and communications. We can prepare and file returns or issue reminders for accounting deadlines. In addition, our firm can help you with routine changes such as a change in directorship. So, whether you’re just starting or have been running your business for years, CTA is the perfect partner to keep your company compliant and organized.

We can also take your company’s governance and shareholder communication to the next level. Our services for corporate secretarial board assistance and support will ensure that all of your company’s records are properly kept, meetings are scheduled and agendas set, papers circulated and delivered, transfers and changes in shareholding are carried out smoothly, dividends and capital contributions are distributed as they should be, and so much more.

company secretarial services singapore
company secretarial services

When it comes time to close an entity, CTA is also here to help. Our team can help efficiently dissolve or liquidate dormant entities, whether closing a single or multiple entity or representative offices across various jurisdictions. We have the expertise and resources to manage every step of this complex process, ensuring that it is completed seamlessly and follows all applicable laws.

CTA company secretarial services in Singapore will take the administrative burden off your shoulders, making statutory compliance simple and straightforward. With our help, you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest to our team at CTA to help you build a better business.

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CTA’s comprehensive corporate secretarial services transforms the confusion into simple, transparent, controlled compliance in Singapore and across any number of other jurisdictions.


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